The Ideal Man

Woohoo!! [info]absolutcalm  thinks this is “neato”, so I get to post away….a few things before I do, one, I have a growing respect for this man, so I won’t tolerate any negative thoughts about him, and two, if anyone reading this, finds it anything other then an awakening, then maybe you need to be awakened. I’m posting this for me, not anyone else, so if you’re not interested, then don’t turn down my street.

And thankyou, D.

“I may have alluded to the idea before, but tonight.. I feel I’m well in the mood to outline my thoughts of the ideal man (that’s right, man. It’s shorthand for humanity, both man and woman, and will be the term used throughout— Fuck the feminolinguists.)…. perhaps I won’t go into the exactitude of their personalities, but I will point out broad indicators and examples….

and I start with none other than Hannibal Lecter. Remember the motto— What Would Hannibal Do? You see, aside from Hannibal’s obviously (?) deviant trait– eating people– he is an example of what the ideal Me would be and, by extension, the ideal being Hannibal is an intellectual– aloof, calm.. but sensual. He is grounded in the reality of the senses while his mind dallies in the escatsies of the mind, the intuition, the imagination. A man who wants to smell fine perfumes, drink fine wines… yet catalog the dreary histories of long dead men. The Sensuous Intellectual…. a piece of the ideal.

Another thing is, if you’ve noticed, Hannibal is beyond the conventions of sexuality. I mean, his character is such that one can’t really pinpoint what his sexual afflilation really is. He could be gay, he could be straight, he could be bi– but he gives off the same allure to either. It’s his “presense”, his “dark charisma” that seduces, not his sexuality. (As an aside, this is one of those ideals which I feel I will not reach. I am, unfortunately, bound a fear of straight men or women labelling me homosexual– society being as such…As for homosexual men labelling me, the misunderstanding isn’t something to feel threatened about.) . The ideal man is omnisexual, celibate, or nymphomaniacal.

Hannibal has no rules. THAT is my most definite trait, the one I do not question, when it comes to Ideal man. No conventions, no traditions, no rules and no boundries– most of all no fears. When one can overcome the idea of being bound by anything, they become Gods. Fear is our greatest enemy and rules are their bed-fellow. A man who fears no punishments has the world at his fingertips, ready for the grasping.

Another part to this is, as Jesus put it, the Ideal man must be like a Child. You must be able to both learn and Unlearn, you must be willing ot accept any new idea which is presented, without a degree of skeptism, yet question it if you find fault. And even those things that you find no fault in, but are so unusual, so outside your “box”, must be accepted and kept in the repetoire of your mind. Be.. like a child.

This is a trait I try quite hard to foster within myself, something I feel completely able to do, as I am naturally bound to question almost anything.. Alas, one of the things I must overcome is Race. It will be quite the task, and I am already well-ahead of the game on this, but there is still further to go… I must destroy whatever rages I feel at things one might see as “threatening” towards blacks. I must stow away racial identity, remove it from my own, true, identity.

Hannibal also knows himself. That, I have down. I know myself through and through, I know when I am in denial of something (and fight it) and I know when I see a personal truth. All men who wish to be great men, ideal men, must too learn themselves more than anything.

The Ideal man should be in touch with their naturalness, their own body. You see, those who are graceful are not any different than the clumsy– the graceful are just more natually controlled than the clumsy. Note, Naturally controlled.. Controlled people are not graceful. What does grace have to do with the Ideal man? Everything!! Because grace implies that one moves with the environment as well as through, grace implies a person is in touch with their own bestial nature, but control it without a thought, or through much practice. And reaching into your nature.. is an important thing. You know use body language like a weapon but not controlled– no.. gracefully.. naturally.. like a sword. One can weird a large sword but they are weak against a man with a much smaller weapon.. Grace, naturality, makes all the difference.

Along with grace comes physicality. I am not among those who think that the perfect physical specimen must have no body fat, must be bulked with muscle, etc. But I do believe that one must be at the peak of what they will accept. There must be NO complaints about your own body. If there is, that particular part (if it can be fixed) must be fixed. It’s all about disclipline and control. You control your body, your will, your destiny. Make no excuses. Other factors play in, you work around them. Fat women, do you feel fat? Lose weight. If you look in the mirror, and really.. truly.. feel you like your body? Keep it. Thats the ideal for you. Myself for example, I’m working on my biceps, Triceps and stomach. Maybe some shoulders. Nothing else. I have no care for my stamina, nor my back, nor my legs. They mean nothing to be. I will not be at the ideal until my stomach is flatter, my bicep is more solidly muscled and my tricep is larger. (And these things are wanted mostly for the sake of defense— In a fight, they iwll be needed, Outside of a fight, they will prevent conflicts just by existing. Like Nuclear Missles.)

Another trait was recently brought up in Mike’s journal— the Will. This, my friends, is all important. Neitzcheans, echo my call!! Your Will shapes the world. If you want something, you can have it… you just have to have the Will. What is the Will? I would say it is Focus, Discipline and Faith in oneself. Focus, to find your goals, center in on them and cut away the frivelous. Discipline, to follow through with them, to keep driving at what you want. To be.. relentless. And Faith. Faith.. is all important. You can’t just want it. You have to Know, intuitively, inside and out, that it is yours and you can have it. You are good enough. Nothing is outside of your grasp. You are a fountain of possibilities– there will be others better than you, but you are beyond envy of them. You know that you can have what they have, your own way.

The Ideal man must have high standards! The highest, infact. Why, if have such a Will as the world is yours, why settle for a country? Ahh, but the ideal man is also not greedy. He must know himself. And in that, he must know when he is satisfied.

The last trait I’ll present for the night, I just mentioned.. you want to be the Ideal man? You can not envy someone who already is ideal. The Ideal man is beyond Envy. You can not envy someone’s car, you can not envy someone’s talent. You have Faith in your own.. to Envy is to be weak. To be jealous is to be a coward, for you can not reach out, or you dont have the patience, to get what another man has. If you have the Will, it is yours already— Move on it. Get it. And be satisified.

Included in this idea is that of Force. Strange, no? If you want to go out and rape a woman, feeling you have imposed your Will… Think again. You were envious of her independence. You were weak. You could not seduce her.. you had to force her.

You go to a party, notice someone else is the center of attention, then go out to be the life of the party—? Ha!! You are nothing. Envious once again. The Ideal man will be the center of attention if he wishes it but not because he wants to steal the limelight– infact, the Ideal man might prefer to remain quiet, to hold small groups in conversation… They are comfortable with themselves, they need no validation. To Envy is to be a coward.

If you seek to be the Ideal, you will find it. If you stay on the path, you’re already half way there….”



  1. gigisanchez said,

    February 12, 2010 at 1:00 am

    I don’t get it… who wrote this -you or “D”?

    • February 12, 2010 at 8:53 am

      D. wrote it, as an ode to the type of man he was striving to be. It was a manifesto of sorts, during a time when he was re-evaluating the importance of living.

  2. April 19, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    Whether you agree or disagree, these are quite thought-provoking choices and arguments. That’s a hallmark of good writing. It made me want to keep reading. Thanks for providing it.

    • April 19, 2010 at 9:42 pm

      This was written about 10 years ago, by a young man of 20. It’s the one thing I take with me, wherever I go. Dom was a man overwhelmed by his thoughts. He usually made more sense than he realized. And very much became a man he was proud to be. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your comments, Dom would have appreciated them greatly.

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