Let’s try this again, shall we?

It’s quite possible that I have figured this out. It’s also quite possible that I will forget the bazillion steps it took to get to this point. The unfortunate thing is that the app is not WYSIWYG, so therefore I’m left sifting through gobbledy-code to label anything or to continue writing between pics. And I’m sure my data plan just blew over the limit for the month of June. It would have been cheaper to just go buy a new modem for my laptop. It certainly would have been easier to install said modem than it was to post all of these pictures.

A big ole snapping turtle laying eggs in the sand.

Fitzgerald Bay sandbar, at twilight.

Opium, anyone? I’ve got lots.

Any idea what this is and what it’s used for? Friends of ours are cleaning out their 120 year old storage barn (think American Pickers style) and found this buried in there. Roselle grew up on and inherited the farm, but can’t for the life of her figure out what it is.

Almost every morning there is a Luna moth on the wall of the garage.

A brand new turtle.

Bleeding hearts in the garden.

So, how does this post look for you? Is it warped? Is it excessive? Comments and critiques are required. The future of my Blackberry Blogging depends on it.