2002-06-03 Puberty is rampant here in this house of KAAS…

June is Alex’s month. Of course, it probably began way before this weekend, but this is the first that certain members of this family (speaking of Kayla here) have taken notice. On Thursday, I think it was, I confiscated a Penthouse magazine from Alex, no big deal, I just told him he’s a bit too young for a mag of that sort…anyways, Kayla flipped her bonnet. She started ranting and raving about the degradation of women, how repulsive it was that men use those women to get off…yadda yadda yadda….I basically told her to shut the hell up, those women put themselves there, and there’s nothing wrong with either side of the coin. Moving on to Saturday, Kayla came charging down the stairs in a rampage screaming her fool freaking head off….”MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!, I went into Alex’s room, and he’s got his pants down!!!! Go tell him he’s being disgusting!!”…..”Kayla”, I said, “Learn to knock”. “But MOM”, she said, “he’s like, wacking off or something”. “Who care’s”, I said, “learn to knock, I’m sure when you’re doing it, you don’t want to be interrupted”……MAJOR GASP, “I don’t do that” she screamed at me…..”Okay then, well if you start, you’ll want everyone to knock before they barge into your room”…..end of story, well except for Alex, who was a little embarrassed by being walked in on, “Can I have a lock for my door?” “Next weekend”, Paul said, “But in the meantime, use the bathroom”. And then, on Sunday, Kayla came flying down the stairs again, this time with a Hustler magazine in her hand. “I told you he was a freaking pervert!!!”…..I was so pissed at her, I was an inch away from allowing Alex to just beat the hell out of her, shit knows he seriously wanted to. But I didn’t, I just told her that if she snoops in his room again, I’m handing the boy her diary. Then Alex and I had a sit-down, I NEEDED to know where he was getting the mags from. As it turns out, they came from a neighbour’s recycle bin. I explained that they’re a little too advanced (to which he replied “yeah, I know, some of that stuff’s gross”) and there’s a big risk of Drew seeing things…..and he promised not to bring anymore into the house, if we promise to keep his “berserk” sister out of his room….Deal……Now, if I can just convince Kayla to recognize Alex as a boy, instead of an alien being, we’ll be all set.


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