2001-12-20 Mr.Vine

Sara is in kindergarten, and has the most wonderful kindergarten teacher I’ve ever met….and remember, four kids, jr & sr kindergarten each kid equals alot of experience with kindergarten teachers. Anyways, Sara’s teacher, is the first male kindergarten teacher I’ve encountered in all my days of parenting. I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first, he was afterall, the first I had ever heard of. In the days before school began, Mr. Vine conducted interviews with every student and parent, to get a feel for his class ahead of time. He struck me as a very flamboyant, energetic, compassionate man….with a very good teaching history. In our interview, I stated my surprise at finding a male K teacher, and asked him if I may be so bold as to question the grade for a posting. He looked shocked at first, admitting that he had never been so boldly asked a question. His answers were this….he choose K because it gave him the opportunity to help parents mold their children at a young age, he said he would learn from each and every parent, the values and morals they wish for their children to learn. He feels that this sort of stuff should be taught from the beginning, not after several years, when it may be too late. Since I feel that teachers become the parents for approximately 6 hours a day, having alot of control over the behaviours and learnings of a child, I was rather comforted by his thoughts. Finally, I knew there was a teacher who existed, who was concerned about personality as well as mentality.

Okay, now on to the reason for all this…..Mr. Vine is gay….very obviously gay….does not hide it….in fact, I’ve met his lifepartner Stephen, very nice guy….Michelle took a picture of him at the Toronto Gay Pride parade….I gave it to him, as a momento, because I figured, how many pics can you get of yourself in a parade when all your friends are marching with you??

I’m wandering again….the problem I’m having is not that Mr. Vine is gay…it’s that so many fucking parents are holding it against him. If I hear the statement “If that faggot so much as touches one hair on my boys head, he’s dead” again, I’m going to hurt somebody…..or how’bout this one “If my boy turns out to be a faggot, I’m hunting the fucker down”….None of these parents is even stopping to look at the benefits of having this man for a teacher. They’re all too worried about him “rubbing off”…..my biggest hope is, that over the course of the school year, Mr. Vine has been able to teach acceptance to all his students….so that maybe they can go home and “rub off” on their parents.


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