} A slew of incessant rambling.

Moving Day
My oldest child is leaving home today, to start on the great game of life. I suppose I should be saddened by this event, suffer the whole “empty nest” syndrome, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. First of all, this is the second time she has left home, and second of all…SHE LIVES IN MY DAMN STUDIO AND NEEDS TO GET THE FUCK OUT. It’s been slightly weird having her home this time around, she’s felt it too, says things are “different”. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she’s an adult now, not a child, so the relationship is different. Don’t get me wrong, she and I have a great relationship, better than most mother/daughter relationships out there, it’s just been strange having a grown up Kayla living here, when all I’ve ever lived with is the child Kayla. Is this making any sense?

Anyway, she’s moving out today, into her own apartment and I’m pretty damn happy about that. It means I’ll get to walk around all day in my underwear. It means I’ll finally get my own space back.

I suppose I should say that I’ll miss her, but I’m pretty confident that I won’t have the opportunity. She’ll visit, no doubt, at least every other day and I expect she’ll phone me or facebook me even on the days when she’s here. Of course, this means I’ll have to make my own mid-day pot of coffee from now on, but at least I get my studio back.

Number 10 on the List
I had my first bath in almost 3 years last night. It was heavenly. I came out all squeaky clean and refreshed. And being able to sit down while I shaved my legs, was a dream. I have a bathtub. There’s never been a bathtub in this house, only a small 2×3 shower stall in a 1980’s inspired bathroom. The renovations have been well underway for sometime now, but they are very nearly complete. Renos suck. They just suck. They suck the cash out of your bank account, and they suck the life right out of you. John, the man who owns the lighting store in town, thinks it’s fabulous that I’m taking my 1980’s bungalow and “updating” it into an 1880’s farmhouse. He’s come out with the greatest home reno discovery story yet.  He was telling us the other day about a house he bought south of town, with a drop ceiling in the kitchen. Any home owner knows the risks of buying a house with a drop ceiling. John said he didn’t truly concern himself, because he bought the house with the foreknowledge that it was going to need extensive renovations. How bad could it be? Some water damage on the ceiling plaster? Fixable. The room was getting completely re-drywalled anyways.

John and his wife moved in, and immediately noticed an odd cacophony any time someone flushed the toilet in the bathroom over the kitchen. He said the roar of rushing water amplified any time his wife let the water out of the bathtub after a long hot soak. He compared the noise to water rushing over rapids, or the echo you hear standing near a wild water slide ride at an amusement park.

Curious, John poked his head up through a tile in the drop ceiling. Imagine his surprise to find eleven, count’em, eleven P-traps running across the ceiling. It seems that the fella who had installed the toilet hadn’t wanted to drill holes in the joists to run the plumbing from the toilet to the stink pipe so instead, he had woven the plumbing along using 11 P-traps. Like this:

Luckily for John it was an easy fix, but the old saying goes, you never know what you’re going to find til you start ripping shit down.

When we told John our plans to start renos on our kitchen next year, he said he wanted to take before and after photos….of us, not the kitchen.

Spring is in the Air
The weather has been warm lately, and quite sunny in recent days, but, as encouraging as that sounds, the mess the weather has left behind is daunting. My pristine white, snow-covered yard has given way to a bog of water and mud. The spring thaw is the worst season of country life. The fields flood and the earth starts to travel its downward flow. Every year at this time a line from Hocus-Pocus runs through my head. A-muck, A-muck, A-muck. There is muck everywhere. You can’t step forth from the deck without getting covered in muck. Makes for great four-wheeling weather, but keeps the mud-room living up to its name.

Thankfully, there are reminders everywhere of the whole point of this season. The melting of the snow lays bare the earth which springs forth shoots of green blissfullness!!


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