Should’a had a V8

Sitting here watching Drew twist the silicone covers of my earbuds into ridiculous shapes, I can’t help but wonder what the hell inspired me to give birth to four kids! Yes, I know they’re wonderful children, very original, very respectable, very responsible, very awe-inspiring, but honestly WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??? Drew, who has now moved on to spiralling a broken beaded necklace around the livingroom, just because it looks cool, gives me more pause to re-evaluate. I love the kid, really I do.  But I can’t wait until he finally finds his “outlet”. He is such an experimentalist. Touching this, exploring that…dismantling, rearranging, it’s a very difficult time for a mother. Sometimes I wish I had been the sort of parent who didn’t support free will. One who smothers her children with rules and restrictions and expectations.

Okay, I know.

I’m being ridiculous. I love my children for exactly who they are. And yeah, when I seriously think about it, I wouldn’t go back on any one of them. Life is far too entertaining and fulfilling with them all, to seriously contemplate life without them…..Now, where’s that bottle of juice?


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