The art of studio space.

While I sit here at my dining room table contemplating painting yet another primitive wall hanging, one thing refuses to leave my brain. The fact that I’ve been ousted from my studio space. It’s not that I begrudge Kayla and Billy for moving home, thereby invading my studio (because, really, where else was I going to put them?) It’s just that, I don’t feel like I’m actually “working” when I do it at the dining room table. Now, you may say, “well, you’ve got that beautiful room behind you, full of craft and art supplies, why don’t you use that?” And I’ll tell you, I don’t use it, because it’s freaking COLD in there. And there isn’t a whole lot of room to move around. Remember, I’ve got my entire studio (minus any artwork) stuffed into that room behind me, and it’s only a sunroom, lacking insulation or heat vents. The paints freeze in that room.

So, here I sit, wishing for my own workspace back, because really, I don’t feel as if I’m “working” at all. It’s the lack of “going out to the studio” “Where’s your mom?- Out in the studio” “I’ll be in the studio, do not disturb” moments that really leave me wanting. It’s just not the same working at the dining room table. When I’m here, I feel obligated to participate in household redundancy…do the housework, do the laundry, scrub the toilet. And I feel guilty for not accomplishing these things if I spend the day at the dining room table. With a studio to go to, one feels as if one has left for work, to accomplish productive tasks.  I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out.


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  1. February 8, 2010 at 10:27 am

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