Come one, come all…

I can’t get over my recent popularity on facebook. I have been “friend requested” no less then 8 times in the past 3 weeks. Which may not seem very odd to you, but it’s extremely daunting for someone who wishes to be a hermit. I’ve had cousins (from my dad’s side) some of whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in 15 years or more….I’ve had friends pop up out of nowhere…even my brother Ryan sent a friend request, haven’t spoken to him in 17 years. Kelly makes more contact these days, even making a visit just after Christmas, which led to a message from my very first best friend ever, Lisa Gill. It’s all rather surreal and it left my head swimming.

Mix that along with the kerfuffle that has been the state of my current real-life friendships of late, and you’ve got one mentally fucked up Jennifer McArthur.

It seems the further I try to hide myself away, the more I get dragged out onto the curbside. I’m left wondering if there’s something I did in the past that tempts Karma to fuck with my chi.


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